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Terms and conditions

How to submit or nominate?

You can submit entries until December 6 2018 12 p.m. You can either submit a solution or nominate for the special categories Young Talent, Icon Award and New Jobs Award. Each entry can be submitted once, in one category only. Registration is free of charge.

Read more about the different categories here

Why create an account?

When you start your submission, you will be prompted to create a user account. This makes it possible to start filling out the form, save and continue at a later time before submitting. When your entry has been submitted, you can log in to your user account to see it, but will no longer be able to make changes.

Who can take part?

Anyone can enter. This means that all private and public organisations and all designers with a connection to Denmark can submit entries for the Danish Design Award. This includes Danish companies that have worked with a designer from outside Denmark as well as designers in Denmark who have worked with a company abroad.


The submitted products and design solutions have to meet the following formal criteria:

  • Everyone involved in creating the product or solution must have given their consent to take part.
  • All products or solutions must be fully developed and either in production or in use at the time of entry.
  • At the time of entry, products or design solutions must not have been on the market or in use for more than four years.

Nominate for a new jobs award

An award for design-led solutions that have created jobs in Denmark or within Danish companies or organizations.

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